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Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development

Inspiration, support and practice for individuals to reach their career potential

The intention of executive development and coaching is to support transformation and effectively manage change - change of executive position, change of organizational structure and change of global climate. The goal is to teach and guide an internalized practice in strategic psychological flexibility for each participant. 


The executive development program includes a psychological assessment with an individualized write up depicting results. The assessment battery includes five core psychological assessments looking at leadership traits, big five personality facets, emotional intelligence and relational styles. Depending on the client's goals, additional assessments may be implemented to create a distinct dossier for each unique executive. 


The assessments provide objective data points which inform the tailored one-on-one coaching sessions. Coaching one-on-ones vary between 6-10 sessions and may be extended if the client is in need of more insights. 

initial therapy session over the phone - interview to determine treatment plan and session scheduling. Treatment could include therapy over the phone, video therapy, or e...
initial teletherapy consult
30 min
no cost
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