One thing we hear over again is that people struggle finding and affording mental health care.

It is hard to keep ourselves well and to find appropriate guidance on this journey we call life. 

We get it, we are all busy and it can be a chore getting out of bed let alone to a therapy office.

Now, given the current circumstances of our environment with health and financial concerns rising, 

our physical and emotional wellbeing is suffering now more than ever. Following guidelines for physical distancing

should not be a reason someone in need of mental health care cannot access these interventions.

The Healing Collective doesn't have an "office" that you would have to drag yourself to.

Instead, we offer therapy and consultation over the phone or through email and technology

so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or worry about jeopardizing your health.

-Therapy for anxiety, Depression, Relationships
and Many other Mental health obstacles- 
- talk about your overall health-
-professional and career goals-
-Consultation on navigating new business climate-
-workplace communication and effectiveness-
-leadership Development-
-getting in tune with your body-
-Mindfulness and biofeedback-

Contact us at for more insight on how you can begin giving yourself the love and care you deserve. 

Therapy and Consultation

initial therapy session over the phone - interview to determine treatment plan and session scheduling. Treatment could include therapy over the phone, video therapy, or e...
initial teletherapy consult
30 min
no cost